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Friday, April 22, 2011

The Biblical Role of Men and Women

A special thanks to "Chaps," Gordon James Klingenschmitt, for preparing the way for a radio interview with hosts Barbara Moore and Wayne Wood, Christian historians of wonderful caliber. Chaps is the former U.S. Navy Chaplain who made national headlines when he took a stand for the rights of military chaplains to pray publicly in "Jesus" name. The interview was on City on a Hill radio program. The interview explored the Biblical role of men and women. Rev. Thomas applied the Word of God to our modern, feminized culture and exhorted Christians to return to God's design for the family.

The promotion for the interview read:
Hear interview with Rusty Lee Thomas author of the Kingdom Leadership Institute Manual. Get inspired by his perspectives along with Barbara Moore and Wayne Wood (historians). There is nothing like God's best for the role of men and women but today we have so wrecked havoc in society because we have ignored God's plans. This amazing interview we hope will inspire men and women the world over to remember the One who loves him best and realize God's ways are the best ways for right and joy-filled relationships. After all, God did not even withhold His one and only Son to show us His amazing love and grace. And just think--you are invited to come boldly to His throne of grace.
Click here to listen to the podcast then scroll down to April 18, 2011.

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