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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Rusty's Radio Interviews

Rusty was interviewed on American Family Radio's program, Today's Issues yesterday. To listen to the MP3 click here.

Today's Issues is heard on over 200 stations in 34 states. Rusty was blessed by the incredible opportunity to reach so many listeners and by the graciousness of the guest hosts, Ray Pritchard and Kathy Coats. Pitchard and Coats were filling in for Tim Wildmon and Marvin Sanders and did a fantastic, balanced job of vetting the Kingdom Leadership Institute Manual , asking pertinent questions that allowed Rusty to share the truth of the Gospel and the principles of godly leadership contained within his book. They even made reference to his recent press release comparing Obama to King George, an example of poor tyrannical leadership.

The morning before, while in California, Rusty was privileged to be interviewed by Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, President and Founder of the Brotherhood of a New Destiny. BOND is dedicated to "rebuilding the family by rebuilding the man." Rev. Peterson reaches out to men and youth in major urban areas to help them overcome unbelief, hatred, and racism while rebuilding the traditional family and fostering moral values and positive, honest race relations. While on The Jesse Lee Peterson Radio Show, Rusty was given the perfect platform to share the book with an audience looking for the principles of kingdom leadership. To hear the March 15th podcast, click here.

Rusty thanks both radio programs for the opportunity, and especially thanks Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson and Ray Pritchard and Kathy Coats for their professionalism and inspiration in broadcasting.

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