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Monday, October 26, 2009

The Battle Wages

Life is not a playground. It is a war zone, a clash of worldviews competing for the souls of men and the destiny of nations. The battle of the ages is over who is Lord and whose laws will govern in the affairs of men. Will it be the King of Kings and Lord of Lords? Or will it be Caesar? Will we live under the flawed laws of men, which legalizes evil and ushers in subjugation? Or will we be governed by the holy, righteous laws of the Lawgiver, which births freedom and protects the very liberty Christ died to secure?

Fundamentally, the crisis of our time is a crisis of leadership. The Bible reveals God judges and restores nations based on leadership. By the leaders he raises up or removes, God curses and blesses nations. In light of this covenantal reality, the demand for godly, righteous leadership is upon us.

Our country was founded on Christ and on the tenets of Christianity. But she has forgotten who she is. Our blessed America is in declension. Our continual silence and inaction enables the powers of darkness to wreck havoc in our beleaguered land. America may not turn around in a decade, but with God's help, she may in a generation. We need spiritual warriors to advance God's kingdom. We need kingdom leaders to take back the gates of the land. We need kingdom leadership!

In this time of moral and spiritual crisis, new leaders are rising. The question is,will it be "sons of Barack Obama" or sons of God leading the charge into the future. Become a kingdom leader God can use. The gentle revolution is on. Will you join?

May God save America and no king but King Jesus!
Rev. Rusty Thomas

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