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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dividing Line Radio Program

Rusty was privileged to be on Dividing Line, a radio program hosted by Bill and Ruth Darr. Dividing Line is on the Truth in Focus Internet Radio station in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Bill and Ruth are pro-life veterans, having been in “the battle for life” since 1990. Countless women have made the choice to not abort their babies as a result of their efforts. Rusty spoke on his recent article, Seeking the Blessing. The interview gave Rusty the opportunity to speak on the principles of godly leadership. Life is not a playground. It is a war zone─a clash of worldviews competing for the souls of men and the destiny of nations. Our nation is backslidden and our Christian faith is under increasing attack. Click here and scroll down to listen to Rusty speak on Seeking the Blessing to strengthen your faith in the midst of persecution.

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